Feb 2, 2010

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About Mary`s Look:

Hardcore Bohemian Chic/Elegant/Awesome?
Mmm-hmm,That`s Right.I Loved The DKNY Beret,So I Based Mary`s Outfit On The Beret.
I Basically Went Around Her Suite Picking Up
Random Beautiful Pieces,Mixed Them Together,
And Man,I Love The Result It Gave Me.

I Would Call This Look : 1920`s Boho-Chic? Hm..I Really Don`t Know,Maybe..Uhm..Well,Did You Except A Name For A Look I Just Put Together
Out Of No Where? (Well,No Where Being My Head.) Anyway,I`m Falling For Anything High Waist,And I`m Also Loving Ruffles And Black,So I Guess This Skirt Kinda Works (More Like These Three Skirts.) I Also Love Platforms,So I Just Had To Give A Little Boost To The Lace-Up Booties.Love The Hair Too! (Great Job On The MeDoll Mary!)

Get The Look : This Look Really Doesn`t Take Much Effort,But As Long As You`re Using Neutral Tones,Chic & Shiny Accessories,Not Too Much Thinking And Random Grabbing Of Things In Your Closet,Then I Suppose You`ve Nailed The Look.

Summary : (This Is For Everyone Who Thought My Article Was Amazingly Long And Boring But Would Like To Know What`s Going On With The Picture To Your Upper Left.)

Mary Is Wearing A Bohemian Chic,Indescribable Look With Metallic Accents.You Can Get This Look By Browsing Through Your Closet And Finding Boho-Chic Clothes + Shiny Acessories. 

Thanks For Reading! :] I Will Be Attempting To Get Out Of My Caps Habit.Wish Me Luck! Haha!

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