Feb 15, 2010

The Freakshow Awards

Yesterday,Emma Mentioned The Stardoll Freakshow Awards.Stardoll Uniqueties Blog Will Be Covering These Awards.Tylerisbold Has Organized This Freakalicious New Program,And We Are Loving It.Voting Started Just Yesterday,February 14th.

The Nominee List Is HERE! 

I Posted A Bitchy Comment About Complaints.xD
Getting Back To The Subject,Tyler Also Specified To Place Your Voting In THIS Post`s Comments.The Rules Are: 1.You Need To Follow The Stardoll Freakshow To Vote,Since No Anonymous Votes Will Be Accepted. 2.Place Your ENTIRELY FILLED Vote Ballot In The Comments Of The Post Linked Above.

Please Don`t Vote In Stardoll Uniqueties` Comments,That Would Be Pretty Stupid.

Deadline For Voting : Feb.19th 2010

I Honestly Can`t Wait,This Will Be Great!

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