Jan 31, 2010

bluegreen86 - Folk Runway


Quick Facts :
 Name : Melanie Bookson
15 years
New Zealand
Member since:
Favorite celebrity Favorite music
Mya Indie
Favorite Movie Food:
Fantasy Italian and Sushi
Favorite color Future dream job
Blue Acting
Eye color Hair color
Blue-grey Brunette
Favorite TV-show Spending my time with
Sabrina Shopping
The Inspiration For This Beautiful Folk/Rocker-Chic Outfit Came From Her Quick Facts : Mel`s Favorite Type Of Music Is Indie,So I Went Searching Through Her Closet For A Neutral Head Scarf,Which I Found.
I Made A Dress Out Of Corsets,Belts,Skirts And Bracelets.The Fringe Shoes Were For Me A Modernization Of The Indian Fringe Flat.Mel`s Outfit Was Styled By clubklo,Paulina`s By bluegreen86.

Inspired By Mel Look In Five Steps :

 1.Start Off With A Fresh,Makeup-Less MeDoll,Then Apply A Few Coats Of Lipstick,Matching Lips To Skin.
2.Apply White Eyeliner On The Inner Corner Of The Eye,Sweeping A Few Coats Of White Eyeshadow Around The Line.
3. Do The Same As 2,This Time With Black Or Cocoa Brown.
4.Blend Both Colors With Purple,Mahogany Or Dark Green.These Colors Should Not Be Visible In Your Final Step.
5.Sweep A Few Coats Of Blush Over Your Cheeks,Making Sure The Color Doesn`t Overpower The Shadow.

Remember To Be Creative And Change Up The Steps A Little,So You Remain UNIQUE. Nobody Wants To Be A Clone!

Thanks For Reading!


  1. Oh my gosh thank you so much!! I Love it, and this blog is super cute! :D

    Im so honored, thanks again!

  2. Thank You,It Was An Honor To Have You! :]]